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GIGGERS began in January 2012 with only one performer and one venue.  I  recognised that one of my students Andre East had fabulous talents, plenty of songs to play and he needed an outlet to do so. 
Having played in restaurants myself for many years, it seemed obvious that I should try and get Andre a gig somewhere locally and the first place I asked, (Diego's Mexican Cantina) said YES!

The benefits I wanted to see for Andre (and others to follow) were; performance experience, improved confidence, increased repertoire, the mental and physical stamina to play for a couple of 45 minutes sets at least, a safe and supportive environment in which to grow and some form of pay to teach them that what they do is worth something.

Since then, our circuit has grown to include between 10 and 14 gigs per week at  a variety of venues across Logan and the northern Gold Coast. The number of participants has grown significantly and by networking with fellow teachers from other local schools, I have started introducing their students to our circuit and the opportunity to gain from it whatever they can.

Adam O'Connor