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Gigger Profiles

Andre East

The whole reason Giggers started. He is the best instrumental acoustic guitarist you've ever heard live and he has recently decided to restart doing some gigs within Giggers. Andre ran the rostering for Giggers from 2013 to 2015. What a legend. We are all excited that the prodigal son has realised that the door will always be open, even when he's in his 50's, 60's etc etc. Go  Andre!

Jordan Pineda


A masterfully talented young singer/songwriter who has a great handle on how to play the guitar. Plays in Twelve Past Midnight but is formidable as a soloist as well. Has also made a massive contribution to Giggers as the co-ordinator of gigs and rostering from 2014-2016. Thanks Jordan =)


Hannah Grace


A stunning vocalist who is at home in front of a band or 

solo and accompanying herself on guitar. Hannah plays covers and writes her own music and has wide musical interests.

You will be Blown Away (one of her favourite Carrie Underwood songs)


Ben Frost

 Cheeky, playful, incredible voice and great interpreter of all kinds of songs in an entertaining acoustic vibe. Ben will do everything from Elvis and Johnny Cash to the most current covers and he writes plenty of his own too. You've gotta see him play.


Alishia Bertwistle


Can sing like a bird or roar like a lion, depending on the song she’s interpreting. Deftly accompanying herself on guitar she performs covers of well-known songs and has penned several choice originals as well. Check her out live. 

See Giggers Facebook for upcoming dates 

Nathan Brady

Talented singer/guitarist/songwriter whose smooth rich vocals meld perfectly with his subtle and crafty guitar playing. Pretty mean on electric guitar too if you catch him with his band around town and also works in the duo Radius with Jordan Pineda.


Jess Holbrok

Lovely young singer/songwriter/guitarist with a great tone and a very authentic sound. Plays lots of her favourite covers and has a heap of originals too. A country girl at heart.


Quinton Pedro

Quinton plays beautiful instrumental piano pieces. Most of them are his own compositions and they create a wonderful dreamy ambience for dining and background situations. He doesn't sing but his piano playing does. 

Sierra Faith

A wonderful young singer-guitarist with talent that belies her years. Sierra sings and plays covers and a few originals and always creates a nice vibe for chilling, listening and sometimes even dancing.


Chris Connelly

Chris is Loopy!! Great singer, writer, guitarist and knows how to use that loop pedal like a Boss. (It’s actually a Boss RC-30 loop station for those interested). He also has a chill mode and can play and sing dreamy songs on guitar and uke.



Caitlin Jade Apro

Caitlin is a great singer and nifty guitar player too. Caitlin can burn it down on the electric when she wants to but is just as happy chillin’ with her acoustic covers and originals.



Alright Talk

A formidable duo comprising the vocal talents of Gabrielle Benchetrit and the guitar prowess of Jake Robinson. They perform a range of covers From John Butler through to Dolly Parton and all kinds of other artists new and old.


Abbie Grace Folmer

Abbie is a lovely singer-guitarist with smooth Jazzy and R&B tones but is versatile and covers all kinds of tunes and writes a few of her own too.


31 Waves

A wonderful duo of vocalist Georgia Grace and guitarist Ben Wilcox. Outright winners of a few busking competitions, they know how to pick good songs and give great performances.



Fine vocalists and sophisticated guitar players who play covers and their own songs. Jordan and Nathan are awesome solo, so when they combine as a duo musical magic happens.


Amy Gladwin

Amy has a lovely voice and a wide variety of influences on the repertoire she chooses. She either works in solo mode with backing tracks or in a duo setting with a piano player. Check out some links below.



and there are more at Florea productions website

Shaun McVicar

Super-talented 14 year old who plays piano and guitar and sings like a veteran performer. Also plays drums, bass and dances like a professional. Look out world, Shaun is taking over, get ready.


Shaun's Youtube

Sheridan Vroegrop

Talented Jazz and pop singer and pianist who loves to play solo and out in front of a band, especially if it is Jazz. Sheridan sings smooth tunes and creates a great vibe for dining and chilling.


Gabrielle Benchetrit

Gabrielle (Gabby) is a fine young singer who regularly plays in duo

Alright, Talk! However she can hold her own at self-accompanying

on guitar and likes to explore different repertoire when she does. 

She writes some of her own and has a quite a few backing tracks

on the iPad for a change of pace.

See Giggers facebook page for Gabby's upcoming dates

Caleb Caswell

Caleb is a strong young performer with great vocals and backing guitar ability. 

His repertoire is wide and he has had plenty of experience from playing weekly markets and now with Giggers.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BrickandSteel

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Caleb.CMusic/

Souncloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-155502025

Melisa Sehovic

Mel is a (see what i did there?) seriously talented young lady.

Her voice has tone to burn and her rock solid guitar playing completes the package. Mel loves doing acoustic covers of contemporary songs and throws in a few of her own compositions as well.  

Check the Giggers Facebook page for upcoming dates.

Jacqueline Roland

Jacque has a beuatiful voice and she plays guitar and sings

 songs from a variety of genres and eras.

She is working on putting together some online promo so 

stay tuned and in the meantime, 

Check the Giggers Facebook page for upcoming dates.

Hannah McLeod

Hannah McLeod has been studying a Bachelors Degree of Songwriting and spending her off time playing in coffee houses & market stages. McLeod's style of writing utilises the smooth, electric sounds of folk and blues, and charms audiences with lyrics that portray a youthful monologue. 

Bronwyn Van Wyk

Monique Castrission

Brayden Jay

Harry O'Connor

Harry is a fine guitarist who plays a mixture of Jazz and popular instrumentals. He also sings a few and covers artists  such as James Taylor, The Eagles, Mark  Knopfler and Bernard Fanning to name a few.

Brandon Vaevae